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Galerie Alain Margaron5 rue du Perche 75003 Paris France
Tel : 01 42 74 20 52 - 01 42 74 14 48

Du mardi au samedi de 11h à 13h et de 14h à 19h30


The policy of the Galerie Alain Margaron is to collaborate intensely with a narrow circle of artists it supports financially, acting as an interface between artists who resist classification into “schools” or trends, and a volatile market that is overly dependent on fluctuations in valuation. The work of these artists, some of whom have left a lasting mark on art history, bears witness to introspective, spiritual journeys, and often to a quest for “being” that requires support over the long term. The gallery has endeavored to foster robust, sustained bonds with its artists but also with art lovers, collectors and institutions, in order to promote these artists, some of whom discovered they were “brothers in painting” at the gallery. Beyond style or art history, one of the common denominators of the fifteen artists, men and women, represented by the Alain Margaron gallery is their respect for artistic tradition, understood as earnestness, gravity and sincerity. In other words, their commitment to its heritage leaves no room for postmodern irony or pointless denunciation. What makes these singular artists stand out is that their work allows for the emergence of the unforeseen, of the subconscious, and of a variety of psychological and spiritual events they endeavor to translate directly onto the drawing sheet or canvas. For all of these artists, their personal lives, drives and subconscious play a crucial role, though they remain in tension with esthetic composition. Balancing their concerns with the execution of their drawings or paintings is essential for each of them.

Directeur : Alain Margaron

Date de création : 1993

Publié le : 2 février 2016