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Galerie Alain Margaron

Starting Sunday 2023

The function of the portrait has changed since the advent of photography. Great artists are more interesting than those who portray a type, because they know how to bring out a presence in order to confront us with it. The portrait questions human nature, especially as we approach death, while the self-portrait traditionally questions who we are, our lifestyles, what has changed in us and what lies ahead.
Jean Hélion, Bernard Réquichot, André Derain, Michel Macréau, Karl Godeg, Fred Deux, Anselme Boix-Vives, Dado
Alain Margaron
Galerie Alain Margaron
Represented artists
Jean Hélion
Bernard Réquichot
Zoran Music
Michel Macréau
Fred Deux
René Laubiès
Anselme Boix-Vives
François Lunven
René Duvillier
Karl Godeg
Cécile Reims
InSook Hong
Edith Dufaux
Clara Fierfort
Michel Brylak
Robert Groborne
Fred Deux, 'Actors', 1970, Indian ink on yellow wax paper, 83.5 x 59 cm