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Starting Sunday 2023

Bernard Joubert's exhibition, entitled "Le Fixe et le Variable" (The Fixed and the Variable), features historic works produced in the 1970s and shown for the very first time in a dialogue between photography and painting.
Born in Paris in 1946, Bernard Joubert is a visual artist known for his minimalist paintings, whose first solo exhibition was held in 1974 at the renowned Yvon Lambert gallery in Paris. From the outset, the artist painted on loose canvases, usually tracing lines of colour directly with a tube of paint. From 1973 onwards, he left the canvas behind and began to paint a series of ribbons. For almost ten years, these coloured lines painted on cotton ribbons would delineate geometric surfaces, without these surfaces being closed. It is these ribbons that will punctuate the scenography of our space, alongside a series of silver prints produced in New York, Paris, Venice and Brussels between 1974 and 1977 and exhibited for the very first time.
Thierry Bigaignon
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