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Galerie Isabelle Gounod

Starting Sunday 2023

Canvas stretched like a drumhead, white background uneven with blue, red and yellow spots, lines, signs, folds, detours. The languid silhouettes of a mad garden tangle and dance, half-erased. A grid tries to hold the score, relayed in a corner. Sometimes words, deciphered backwards.

Michaële-Andréa Schatt paints as one writes, or rather as one takes notes for oneself, as one scribbles to free oneself from what invades us. First, the gesture is free, spontaneous and necessary. Let your thoughts flow, without punctuation, without restraint. For Schatt, it's in the margins that it settles, far from the painting, on large silk paper or tarpaulins. What's left on the blank page must then be reworked, scratched out, abandoned and assembled, on the large canvas where the artist transfers, one after the other, his intuitions and hesitations. Until, by dint of these transfers, the work comes into being.


Thibault Bissirier, June 2023
Isabelle Gounod
Galerie Isabelle Gounod
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Vue d'exposition, Les parages, Jérémy Liron, © Rebecca Fanuele
Vue d'exposition, Vertigo, Lenny Rébéré, © Rebecca Fanuele