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Galerie Laurent Godin

Starting Sunday 2023

Galerie Laurent Godin is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition by renowned artist Claude Closky, entitled "Walking on a wire to all time low". This highly anticipated event will take place from September to October 2023 at the gallery's prestigious Paris premises.

"Walking on a wire to all time low" invites visitors to enter an extraordinary landscape created by the fusion of words and images. The walls of the gallery will be transformed into an intriguing collage of large-scale poems, forming an enigmatic backdrop. On closer inspection, viewers will discover that the seemingly mundane objects and scenes depicted in the artwork are composed entirely of words, capturing their imagination and challenging their perception. The figures oscillate between the realms of the living and the manufactured, commodities and refuse, the human and the monstrous. This play of contrasts is a powerful reflection of the complex and often contradictory nature of our reality, where beauty and horror coexist. By blurring the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, Claude Closky highlights the forces of transformation and commodification in modern society, encouraging viewers to contemplate their own relationship with the world around them.
Laurent Godin – Lara Blanchy
Galerie Laurent Godin
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