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Galerie Paris-B

Starting Sunday 2023

PARIS-B presents the new cycle of paintings by artist Marion Bataillard in her first exhibition at the gallery, entitled Notre corps. In the calm of her studio in the Ardèche, the painter poses her models and approaches the painting as a vast field of exploration where the entire history of art could be re-enacted. While Marion Bataillard is concerned to situate her art historically, she is also caught up in a pictorial process that leaves a considerable amount to the unknown and to experience. In the space of a few short years, the artist has risen to the forefront of young French contemporary painting.
Romain Degoul, Geoffroy Dubois
Galerie Paris-B
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Vue d'exposition : Déformation Professionnelle, 2016 copyright Theo Baulig / courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing
Vue d'exposition de Justin de Weiler : Operire #5 – Couvrir, recouvrir, cacher, dissimuler, 2020 copyright Theo Baulig / courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing