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Galerie Pascal Gabert

Starting Sunday 2023

"Il faut que je courtise les images" Valéry Larbaud

Selecting, always. It's all about fiddling with energies, in a world where we don't really know where we are anymore. Lonely virgins, skulls having a last beer, palm trees crucified as the last thief, power struggles without handcuffs. We go beyond representation to escape it. Painting can bridge the gap between philosophy and the organic, between feeling and thinking. Without forgetting that we are always close to error. And that it must end harmoniously. I'm a realist painter, of perception, of deep truth. Empty space that gives inner light for a journey through time.
Mystery must come to light. Intention meets deflagration to conceive clumsy beauty. Working with images is a matter of editing.
Pascal Gabert
Galerie Pascal Gabert
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