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Starting Sunday 2023

LooLooLook Gallery is delighted to present the first poetic exhibition by Chinese artist MoBai LIN, entitled "Mo Bai" (Black White), to the French public.

This exhibition will immerse you in a world of artistic experimentation and innovation. A graduate in traditional Chinese painting, specialising in birds and flowers from the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, LIN MoBai reveals her pictorial talent and develops a unique creative style. Between Beijing in China and Izu in Japan, she draws on these cultures to enrich her inspiration.

Painting is at the heart of her work. She uses blue to express emotion and serenity. Her travels are not just about landscapes, but capturing moments of beauty and emotion. Each creation is a new experience, exploring pigments, innovative techniques and dimensions.

The exhibition will reveal the creative singularity of LIN MoBai. She defies convention, fusing artistic elements to create impressive works. Painting tools are a source of inspiration, conferring vitality.

This exhibition invites visitors to plunge into LIN MoBai's artistic universe. Through colours, lines and compositions, she interprets the beauty of nature and emotions. An artistic feast dedicated to creation, experimentation and inspiration. Join us as we explore the charm of art!
Lu Dong
LooLooLook Gallery
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Exhibition view «MURMURES... », 2023- Artiste Jinjin SUN - Crédits Jinjin SUN